Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, in my last post, I recapped what was going on in our lives for the past several months. But I left out one important detail until I felt it was time to announce....

Baby Hyder is on the way!!!!!!!!

I found out the first week of May that we were expecting again. It was definitely a surprise as I had prepared myself that it would take a while to get pregnant again. It took 5 long, hard, frustrating years before we were blessed with Ryland. God blessed us quickly this time. They will be 5 years apart and that's what I wanted so I am very thankful.

I am so bad at journaling now so this will be my journal for Baby Hyder.

8 week checkup - Baby measured 8w3d and I was 8w2d. Heartrate was 167
12 week checkup - Heartrate was 160

I was able to go and have a sonogram at 11 weeks. Baby Hyder was moving all over the place and those little arms and legs were "just a goin".

Ryland is so excited about this baby. He has been asking for a baby for almost a year and it's been neat to see how happy he is and how he tells me he's gonna help me. We'll see...

My next appointment will be in July for a regular checkup. Then, about 2 weeks later, we'll find out what this little blessing is going to be.

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